Is YOUR PAIN caused by hormonal imbalance?
We may have your ANSWER!
Fast & Longterm Relief From ...
Body Aches & Pains
3 Essential Things You Need To Know About Your Hormones
1.  Your Body Needs Balance - Estrogen & Progesterone must be in balance before you can feel good.

2.  Imbalance Causes Pain - Your body must be producing progesterone at healthy levels and your hormone receptors must be able to receive them.

3.  Balanced Hormones = Relief - When your hormones are in balance your body feels great, symptoms diminish dramatically...often disappearing.

4 FACTS About Fast Acting – Quick Relief for Your Most Intense Pain
  • Asensia FAST Acting is FAST. It immediately allows your body to use greater levels of progesterone that you already have quickly reducing (and even eliminating) acute symptoms including pain, cramps, and bloating.
  • Asensia FAST Acting does not contain any hormones or synthetic hormones. Instead, it is formulated with a natural ingredient that supports your body to respond better to the hormones your body already has.
  • Asensia FAST Acting has been studied in 5 peer reviewed journals as effective at reducing cramps and pain.
  • Over 45% of women experienced significant relief from pain and cramping the day before their period. 
4 Final ESSENTIAL TRUTHS About Daily Asensia for Longterm Management of Your Hormonal Symptoms
  • Keeps progesterone and estrogen balanced over time keeping symptoms steadily managed.
  • Helps your body to produce more of its own hormones naturally.
  • Asensia’s exact formula has been studied at Stanford. It was show to raise progesterone by 153% in women who were low.
  • Is not a hormone and contains no synthetics.
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